Our company, Triple Thread Co. was founded on the belief that “A cord of three strands is not easily broken” (Ecc. 4:12). Meaning, success and opportunity are found within community.

We hold a high value for our generation and the generations that are to come and believe that we are the driving force for a more socially conscious world. It is from this belief that Thread the Future was formed - a podcast that was created to inspire you to use your passions and gifts as a way of contributing to a better world. 

 At our core we are a clothing company that sells high-quality, classic pieces that can compliment any wardrobe. By purchasing our clothing, you will automatically support two causes that we are excited to be partnering with. The first is The Imagine Foundation and the second is Thrive Rescue. You can find out more about these partnerships at our "Imagine & Thrive" page. 

But fashion is really just the fuel that supports our overarching goal. Our true passion is found in connecting and contributing to like-minded organizations who empower one another and empower the community.

Every Wednesday we will stream in-person interviews that feature innovative visionaries who are an influence in their community. Whether that means they own a business or start-up, work for an organization that supports an awesome cause, or are pursuing music or art; we want to share their story (stories) with you.

We hope that by exploring our page and listening to these amazing individuals, you will become inspired to become passionate about something bigger than yourself, and create change where you see most fit . In the end we can really only achieve our goals together.

So join us as we embark on a journey to Thread the Future!


Contact: bri.triplethread@gmail.com